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2015 Orlando Consumer Protection Conference: What Are The Buyers’ Rights?

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When you hear about events like the 2015 Orlando Consumer Protection Conference, do you readily say, “Oh, I should attend that to know more about my rights as a buyer”?

The ideal answer to the question is yes, of course. However, in reality, that is the last thing that comes to a consumer’s mind. Some think that such seminars are merely for organizations that fight on behalf of consumers, primarily when inflation causes the prices of goods to blow up. Others assume that it won’t affect them in any way.

Now, whether you decide to attend events that promote awareness about consumer protection or not, you deserve to know that you have the right to:


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You should remember from the get-go that you have zero obligation to buy something from every store you go to. It does not matter if that particular establishment has no sales yet or that you are the first person to enter it. Considering the products do not appeal to you, there’s no necessity to waste your money in that place.


Buyers need to find out all the ingredients used to create a specific product, regardless if it’s a toy, food, or clothing. You need to know every raw material and the percentage that went into the item so that you have a chance to opt for other goods if some components are not agreeable with you. The absence of such information anywhere on the packaging can merely mean that the manufacturers are not as honest as they want to appear.


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Lastly, consumers have the right to purchase goods from any store without the business owner telling them that they cannot do it due to cultural, political, or gender reasons. The real deal here is that you should be able to get whatever item you want as long as you have the means to pay for it. If the salespersons block you from entering a shop or watch your every move as if you are going to steal something, that is an apparent violation of your entitlement.


You have more rights as a consumer than you may be aware of. Find out what all of them are today!

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