Personal Injury Claim: Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know


A vehicle accident can cause personal injuries and sometimes wrongful death cases. By that, some people become unable to process their loss. There is too much damage involved, and often, it gets disregarded due to a lack of knowledge in doing the right thing. However, for those individuals who understand that insurance companies can assist them on that matter, they make an effort to process the needs for a settlement claim. But how would you know if the insurance is being honest with you? Here are some of the secrets these insurance companies are trying to hide from you.

Recorded Statements Can Hurt Your Claim

As much as you thought that getting a statement is an insurance protocol, you must not give into it. Insurance companies will try their best to encourage you to hand out a recorded statement. The primary purpose of this is to reduce the amount of settlement money that they will have to pay you once you start processing your claim. The whole idea of recording your statement is tricky. So before giving any explanations, you might as well consider asking for a lawyer’s help.


The reason why a recorded statement is so dangerous is due to the questions designed to get used in going against you later. Some of it may seem typical questions, but its purpose is to put you in a situation where you can no longer use your words against them. People often make mistakes in doing this because they either think that they have to give a statement or else the insurance company will not pay their bills or even fix the car.

One of the most frequent questions that insurance companies will try to ask is the type of injury you get from the accident. When you miss out telling them one injury you have, the insurance companies will use it against you and later accuse you of lying. With that, your credibility will become an issue. The insurance companies will note that you are only indicating your forgotten injury to the sole purpose of creating a profit out of your claim. But in fact, that is not the whole truth.


If it is not at all clear, insurance companies’ desire to get an immediate statement from you is due to the purpose of confusing you. There is this idea of making you guess what happened in the accident. So when you make a recorded statement about the things you are not sure about the incident, you can never take that information back. There is no way you can change those details even if you tend to remember things accordingly right after the interview. And when you present that changed details in your case, the insurance companies can use it against you by implying that you are only exaggerating things.

So if ever you experience a car accident, the first thing you will have to do is not give a statement and seek a professional advisor. Do not allow the insurance companies to take a step ahead of you if you want to get that personal injury settlement you deserve.

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